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Welcome Coach! 

Please fill out this application so I can determine if you are suitable for Online Coach Programme. 

To help us both, be as honest as you can.

Successful applicants will be invited to a 1 to 1 Zoom call with me. 

This should take you only 8 mins to complete 

I look forward to working with you and helping you build your dream coaching business 

Christopher x

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Question 1 of 8

What is the reason that you would like to do the 'Online Coach Programme'?

Question 2 of 8

What marketplace area of coaching are you interested in going into? (singing, fitness, life coaching)

Question 3 of 8

Describe how your coaching business is currently? (even if you're just starting out)

Question 4 of 8

Describe how you would like your coaching business to look like in 1 years time? 

Question 5 of 8

Are you wanting be a part time or full time coach? If part time, what other work will you do alongside your coaching business? 

Question 6 of 8

What is the thing you love most about coaching?

Question 7 of 8

What is the big end result you want for your coaching business?

Question 8 of 8

What's holding you back from creating your dream coaching business?

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