Terms and Conditions 

Effective date: April 2021

1. Data Protection

1.1 Your personal details will be held in the strictest confidence in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and will be accessible only by Christopher David Mitchell

1.2 Booking a coaching session automatically generates a confirmation email of your lesson and a reminder email near to the time of the lesson

2. Services

2.1 For coaching, clients must be over the age of 16. If under the age of 16 they must be accompanied by an adult (over 18) for the entirety of the coaching session

2.2 Coaching will vary in length and will be stated upon booking.  Late arrival will mean you will not get your full lesson time due to client changeover.

2.3 Once a client has used the coaching services of Christopher David Mitchell, Christopher David Mitchell then has the right to say that the client had worked with him for any marketing purposes needed

3. Products

3.1 Once you subscribe to my email list, you can choose to easily unsubscribe at any time if you wish. Details will be at the bottom of each email that is sent. 

3.2 When you purchase any products from Christopher David Mitchell, there will be a separate optional opt in to subscribe to marketing emails. Therefore the products offered by Christopher David Mitchell do not automatically subscribe you to marketing emails. If you choose to opt in, you can unsubscribe anytime.

3.3 When you actively subscribe with to my marketing list with clear intention, it will be a single opt in to the marketing list of Christopher David Mitchell. This includes, but is not limited to - contact forms, free resources and the mailing list forms on this website. 

4. Liability

4.1 The use of this website is at your sole risk. No advice or information you receive from or through the site shall create a warranty not expressly stated in these terms of use.

4.2 There is no promise or guarantee of results, future earnings or the outcome or results arising from the services being offered by Christopher David Mitchell. By using any of the products and services by Christopher David Mitchell. There is no guarantee of improvement for any individual. Through all of the information on this website, products and coaching services of Christopher David Mitchell, you 100% agree to take responsibility of your own actions and results. As a coach, I can not fully do the work for you. It is ultimately up to you for the results you receive in your life 

4.3 You understand and agree that Christopher David Mitchell is not licensed or trained as a doctor, therapist, psychologist or any other similar professional. 

Products and services from Christopher David Mitchell should not replace any professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical or psychological condition. 

4.4 The Client must disclose any medical issues to Christopher David Mitchell in coaching sessions 

4.5 By using any information, products and services by Christopher David Mitchell, the client does so at their own risk.

4.6 In any case where Christopher David Mitchell is shown to have been in breach of contract and or to have been negligent, his liability shall be limited to the value of £1,000

4.7 Christopher David Mitchell will not be liable for any damages. These damages could include, but are not limited to including loss of finances or income, pain and suffering, psychological and emotional issue or similar damages. 

You use the products and services from Christopher David Mitchell knowing that there are risks and losses that you could encounter. You agree to always seek advice if you are unsure, which could be from, but not limited to, a doctor, therapist, accountant, lawyer or professional adviser before acting on any information related to this website and the products and services from Christopher David Mitchell.

By reading this website and using any aspect of the products and services from Christopher David Mitchell, you agree not to attempt to hold Christopher David Mitchell liable for your decisions, actions or results, at any time, under any circumstance.

5. Cancellation and Refunds


5.1 Coaching packages which range from 6 weeks to 1 year are based on time sensitivity rather than number of sessions. Christopher aims to have 1 session per week with clients. However, it is up to the client to keep up. If they miss a week, then that is their responsibility. Missed amount of coaching sessions will not be made up for once the time sensitivity of the coaching package is up. To be clear, once that coaching package time is up, for example 6 weeks, the coaching package has then ended. 

5.4 Coaching sessions can be bought in session packages. This can be coaching over a period of anywhere in between 6 weeks - 12 months. Coaching can be refunded if it has not be used and the first coaching session has not been started. However, once the first coaching session has started there can be no refunds. 

5.5 In exceptional circumstances such as illness or unavailability due to bereavement or other commitments, actual or potential conflict of interest, or other reasons, Christopher David Mitchell can decide to terminate the coaching sessions to the client early than expected or refuse to provide further lessons to the client. In such circumstance, the client will be given reasonable notice of termination by Christopher David Mitchell where practicable, and the client will be refunded any advanced payments for lessons not yet provided.

5.6 Due to copyright infringement, Christopher David Mitchell cannot offer refunds once a downloadable product has been purchased. 

5.7 The money back guarantee for the 'Online Coach Programme' can be claimed up to 2 weeks into the programme. If for some reason within that first 2 weeks of you starting the programme that you feel it is not right for you, then I will give a full refund. After 2 weeks into the programme, there are no more refunds from that point onwards.

5.8 The money back guarantee for the 'Online Coach Programme' does not guarantee that you are fully booked or definitely getting more clients, as that is up to the efforts of the individual participant of the programme. It is merely a satisfaction rating that the programme was worth their time and money.

6. Payments

6.1 There is variation of outright payments or payments plans for the products and services by Christopher David Mitchell. Once you have agreed to a payment plan, you must keep up the payments. Failure to do so will be breach of these terms and conditions. This payment plan must be honoured regardless if the client finishes or completes any of the products, services and coaching offered by Christopher David Mitchell. 

6.2 There is a deposit needed to secure your place for the some of the products and services from Christopher David Mitchell. These deposits are non refundable.