My Story 

My Personal Transformation To Becoming A Coach

"Every part of my life changed from a near death experience at 27 years old"

The Day Everything Changed  


My life got turned upside down at 27 years old. Out of nowhere, I found myself bleeding 20 times a day, losing weight fast and becoming so ill I could hardly move. I was just a few days away from death and there was no choice but to perform an emergency life saving operation. I would be left with an ileostomy bag, something I had never even heard of. Just a few months before this I was performing on a packed out West End stage. The whole ordeal was a massive shock and a difficult time that went on for several years. It was traumatic and I suffered so much through this time. But I was alive. I can not thank St Marks hospital enough for saving my life. They saved my life and for that I am eternally grateful.

Even though this time was traumatic, it was the making of me. Sometimes it needs a time of real hardship to set you on your true path in life. It was during this time that I developed the most as a person.

The only way I could get through the adversity and get my life back was to dig deep and develop inner skills like never before. I turned to personal development to help get me through. I read over 60+ books and cultivated all the internal skills or resilience, courage, persistence and bravery. The lessons I learnt in these darkest moments have helped make me the coach I am today. 

I Needed To Get My Life Back 


The hospital ordeal went on much longer than expected. It ended up being 4 years of countless operations to get me fully back on track.

I came out of St Marks Hospital at 31 years old, barely been able to walk and was starting from zero. I had no career, no money, no partner and was left with an ileostomy bag for the rest of my life. 

The physical recovery was difficult but it was the psychological and emotional recovery that was the real challenge. I had to work on myself. I had to go through the dark places of 'why did this happen to me?' I knew I had to dig deep to get my life back.

Before my illness I was a singer, and singing had been my life up until then. I was too ill to sing on stage ever again, so I knew I had to mourn the past career that I couldn't return to.

From talking to friends about my experience through my health journey, I realised that my insights were helping and inspiring others. All the years of hardship had cultivated some tough lessons and deep wisdom within me. Sharing this wisdom was the start of a new chapter. I began the journey of learning about business, marketing and coaching all for the first time. This was the real start of my life as a coach.

"The adversity I went through was the best thing that ever happened to me. It put me on a path of self-discovery and growth"

Starting The Journey


As soon as I started coaching, I knew it was for me. All the years of my health battle had ignited so many skills within me which were helping me to inspire and help others in a profound way. It was at this point that I starting seeing how much all those times of adversity had helped shape who I was. I became grateful for those difficult times and saw it as my superpower to help others.

Within 7 months I was fully booked as a coach and coaching Grammy Winning Legends such as Boy George. Coaching Boy George at Wembley arena and on the Graham Norton Show were highlights for me that I will always cherish.

I had got my life back on track, but something felt off. This whole time I was hiding my true authentic self. I had so much shame around my health struggles and living with an ileostomy bag, that I had only told a few friends by this point. My health story and living with an ileostomy bag was a secret I never spoke about, and the stress and tension of withholding that secret was starting to build up. I realised that I felt incomplete in my life. Even though I had success as a coach, no success could ever make up for me not showing up in the world as my true self and using my adversity to create an inspiring message for others.

My Authentic Self 


After months of deliberation I realised I was going to tell my truth. I remember clearly visualising how I was going to tell my health story to the world. I began going to the gym 5 times a week and the vision of inspiring others gave me an immense amount of energy.

 The video was made and ready to go and a nervous me pushed 'publish' on the video on the 26th September 2019.  To date the video has reached over 4 million people! The growth for me was twofold - a combination of the number of people I had inspired, as well as a massive shift of an emotional release within me as I shared my authentic truth.

This sharing of my truth freed myself from years of shame. I realised that by facing my shame head on in an emotionally difficult process, I took back my empowerment over my story and my life. It wasn't long after this that I began to notice massive shifts in me. It uncovered a more authentic version of myself which allowed me to fully grow and evolve into the person and coach I was meant to be.

"'Telling my truth revealed a more authentic version of myself and the coach I always wanted to be"

To Inspire You To Transform Your Life 


Even though a started off being successful as a singing coach, I had to evolve to my next stage of development and potential. It was a difficult transition but one I knew was for the best. After releasing my health story it opened me up completely. All the things I wanted to say but couldn't over the years I could now finally say. I was no longer holding back from all the ways I could coach and inspire people.

My coaching now is to inspire people to transform their lives in some way. Everything I coach for others I have been through and overcome myself. It's coaching through experience. Real life direct experience which has given me insights and wisdom to help others that I believe can't be accessed through theory alone. 

If you are wanting to transform your life in some way, then I can help you. I've done it, and I can help you do it too. 

What About

Your Story? 


- You want to transform your life in some way. 

- You want to be inspired by life. 

- You want to fulfil your potential as a human being. 

Does this sound like you? Then I could be the perfect coach for you. 

All my clients have something in common 

Through the years I have had the pleasure of coaching a variety of different people. 

From Grammy Award Winning Artists, Entrepreneurs, TV Celebs, people overcoming adversity, new coaches starting their own coaching practice.

Even though this may sound like a diverse group of people, they all had much more in common than you may think. You see, what defines a person is their core values and who they authentically are. 

I will help you overcome any obstacle so you can have the life that you desire 

My clients have a passion for life. They believe in personal development and becoming the best versions of themselves. They may currently be at the top of their game, going through a challenge or making a transition in their lives, but they are all inspirational people who are continually inspired to transform their lives. 

- You want to live a life full of passion and fulfilment 

- You want to finally overcome any past adversity in order to live your best life

- You want to be inspired by life

- You value personal growth and personal development 

- You want a coach to help you fast track the change you want in your life

- You would regret it if you did not fulfil your potential

Does this sound like you? 
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