Hi, I'm Christopher


A life-saving operation at 27 years old changed my life.

It led me on a path of personal development to turnaround and transform my own life. 

From overcoming adversity, turning your life around and transforming yourself to the next level - everything I coach is based on aspects that I have directly experienced and mastered within my own life.

I'm honoured that my personal survival story has now inspired over 3 million people on YouTube 

My purpose as a coach is to inspire you to transform your life.

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Profile Clients


Within the last 5 years I've had the privilege of coaching over 500 one to one clients.  

Many successful and high profile people trust me as their coach.

Here's a picture of 'Boy George' and I before he went on stage to a booked out audience at Wembley Arena. 

'Christopher is amazing! He’s taught me some really great techniques that have helped me tremendously. I’ve used lots of different methods over the years but it’s been really exciting to learn some new things!'

Grammy Award Winner and British Icon - Boy George 

Over 80+ 5 Star Reviews 

I don't just want to create a small change for my clients.

I want them to experience a transformation in their lives! 


"An inspiring person and a true modern day expert coach!"


" I wanted somebody to mentor me on my journey and Christopher is absolutely that"


"I can't rave about Christopher enough. Working with Christopher - the sky is the limit!"


"Such a brilliant man. He has become a mentor and also a friend"


"You go in for coaching and you come out feeling like a new human"


"Change requires doing something different. Christopher is the difference""

Together We Can Inspire Others 


My mission is to make a difference and give back as much as I can.

I've produced several events over the years each raising money for St Marks Hospital in London, which is the hospital that saved my life. I also give to Crohn's and Colitis UK, which is the UK's No.1 organisation to support people going through this disease. 

I'm forever grateful for the exceptional work and care I received throughout the challenging years of going through my health battle.

I will continue to raise awareness, and give back to these organisations without whom I wouldn't be here today.

Thank you 

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